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Please be a Failure

The novelty of this short book lies in analyzing the unique relationship between our failures and our subsequent confabulations with the ALMIGHTY.

This is the ultimate networking: networking with the nature, networking with self, networking with basic spirituality.

Basic Yoga Chakra

The BASIC YOGA CHAKRA encapsulates as many small chakras as there are English alphabets. One alphabet represents the beginning and the other the end of your name.(e.g. S & H represent SAURABH) Locate the two alphabets and just focus on them simultaneously for ONE MINUTE without any lapse. There should not be any distraction or lack of concentration. It is not just a small chakra, it is journey of yourlife which you are involved in. It is an identity which is yours but lost in the crowd. The endeavour is to get it back. If you are able to achieve it, if you get your concentration back, there is no goal beyond reach.

Basic Yoga is not just a common form of yoga. It is a mode of transportation towards the destination of BASIC SPIRITUALITY. It is the comprehensive term for the activities which we do purposively or incidentally during our day to day routine life. The horizon for Basic Yoga is unlimited from zenith to nadir. Be it the most minute and insignificant activity of ours. But if it is done with a balanced frame of mind and a certain momentum is granted in the positive movement of life, it is our basic yoga. It may be our activities in relation with our family members, our office colleagues and with ourselves.

The demand of Basic Yoga is that the intention of yours is crystal clear. You perform a particular task with some goal in mind. Even if it is a routine task, the thought process behind the mind is intending to do it successfully and without delay. You are conscious of your performance and would like to avoid every distraction.

During your office hours, we crave the fruitful completion of every assignment. We yearn for success and pats on the back. Often we indulge in work beyond office hours. It is basic yoga. Now, here yoga means” concentration” and “dedication”. It is basic as you have put your best to reap desired dividends.

Basic Yoga is beyond the ultimate. It goes on improving day by day with consistent practice. You pray to God, visit the places of worship, ask for the fulfilment of your wishes, and sometimes scold the Almighty for non-fulfilment of them. But whatever you do, intent is always there. You pay a price for it, be it energy, time, money or anything. It is Basic Yoga. Your mental nerves are stretched. The whole physical and mental set up works in tandem with the sole aim of acquiring the target.

Basic Yoga is a journey which we undergo unconsciously. It is superior to every other form of yoga. The reason being all the forces at your disposal are at work. We do not plan it as per our schedule, convenience or availability of our environs. It is at that point in time which is the ultimate you are desperate to achieve. It may be non-substantial in the overall analysis of state of things. But at a particular moment, often, your survival is at stake.

BASIC SPIRITUALITY is a chakra i.e. WHEEL. It is a non-stop and never ending saga which creates platform for the fruitful and progressive conduct of the lives of human beings.

Common characteristics of all the three:

How? Lets see...

If you are yearning to attain pinnacles of spirituality, you are trying to do what?

To prove something which is not commonplace. You are attempting to shun materialistic desires and attain bliss.

Often you must have watched that during the performance of spiritual chores, the mind gets diverted towards the venereal. Many a time, an internal discord takes place inside you to get rid of the erotic thoughts. A sort of strife takes place between the soul and the body. The endeavour of yours at this stage is to come out victorious by shunning the prurient and adopting the incorporeal.

The moot question is why we sometimes behave which we are not. We do sex in the morning, oogle vigorously and amorously at the desired object may be living or non-living, live or pictorial and act like a saint in the evening during religious activities, take meals, do sex again and live life.

Nothing wrong. It is natural. It is part of our duty as a human being to do what we can do best. But why we often go overboard and pretend to be holier than thou.

Why pretend?

Come on. Lets face it my friend. You are just a human being. Do not act like a saint. Even the so called saints in the contemporary scenario are spurious. Just be a reasonable human as you are.

Sex and Spirituality must go in tandem.

Both are duties.

Both are karmas

Just do it. For what ?

For Growth, progress and success, a comprehensive all encompassing success.

You, me and everybody is success hungry soul. We despise failure. Watch your mother, sister or wife in the kitchen or performing any household chore. Though she may be doing a particular task like cooking, washing, cleaning et al, she tries to be meticulous in each one of them consistently, day after day night followed by night. She feels on cloud nine if she is able to do so. For her it is BASIC SPIRITUALITY.

Often, to attain it, she invokes the religious components. She takes the aid of spirituality to usher in success and happiness for the whole family. For her, it is non-contaminated success, nothing materialistic about it. Just pure and undiluted BASIC SPIRITUALITY.

We worship GOD because of:

Fear is a prominent force behind our rituals and devotion in the service of God. It goes on eternally. We are afraid that any lapse on our part towards the divinity will result inevitably in the wrath of the Almighty. And if something untoward happens, our hunch is confirmed. The fear factor works at the back of our mind in every step we take in our day to day life, however mundane it is. In fact, often, it overlaps superstition at times.

Devotion is a natural way of expressing our faith in God. Our belief in the existence and omnipresence of God make us an embodiment of unflinching steadfast faith. The depth of devotion goes on increasing with the fulfilment of our wishes.

Routine is another factor for worshipping God. Our prayers become mechanical just like any other work. We act like robots who are programmed to do certain things at particular time. Worship becomes just another job which we are supposed to do. This sort of worship is devoid of any devotion or focus.

There are many among us who are die hard atheists and others the flag bearers of spirituality who claim to have regular alliance with the divine power one way or the other. The moot question is do we really know God? Has any of us seen God ever. Is He just a figment of our imagination? Is he our soothing balm who in time of distress will come to our rescue and we are prepared to blame him if he doesn't. Is God a potent force or just our comfort zone? In fact, it is upto the individual how much he allows himself to be dependent upon the divine power. God never forces you to rely upon him. It is the CHOICE that one makes. This is what Basic Spirituality is all about. We have to demarcate the balance of our life and its ingredients. Divine blessings too come at a cost. When we seek the blessings of our respective divine might, we invariably tend to forget that often we ignore our own efforts towards the goal or searching the solution of the issue at hand. The moment the individual is in the soup, one rushes to invoke the Almighty. And the very next moment, once the dust of the problem settles, we get involved in the chores of the world. And this circle goes on and on.