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Please be a Failure

The novelty of this short book lies in analyzing the unique relationship between our failures and our subsequent confabulations with the ALMIGHTY.


Are they mysteriously related to each other ?

Lets check it out.

Explore the parallels between bedroom, boardroom and birdroom

Sexuality, success and God. Are these distinct words or part of the same league? In any case, these are vital ingredients of lives of all of us.  We have to deal with them one way or the other at some point in time. We can avoid them for a while but we cannot ignore them or do without them altogether.

No need to seek explanation about them and their relevance in your life. You are wise enough to deal with them in their entirety. The endeavor should be  to draw parallels among their existence. The moot point is:

Are they related to each other?
Is there any mysterious relationship amongst them?
They have nothing to do with each other.

In the contemporary scenario, these 3 words are in vogue extensively?

You just see around yourself.

The events related to religion, sexuality and endeavors in search of success have become established norms in today's fast mechanical life.

You are hungry for success: We are all. Who would like to greet failure? None whatsoever.  In order to attain our goals, we approach the Divine Power innumerable times. We induce the Divinity and strike deals of quid pro quo.

Though every human being one way or the other does practice basic spirituality, the quantum differs. It is just like we are having in general same set of facial features like nose, ears, eyes etc but  except some twins, we all look different. Similarly, sex, success and spirituality have all become part and parcel of our lives but we are all having varied sets of momentums and inherent desires as well as inclinations towards the same. Lets bifurcate the aspects.

Some of us are sex maniacs: Day in and day out we are passionate about fulfilment of our physical needs. Often it is natural and genetic but circumstantial outpouring cannot be ruled out. The sexual drive becomes so overpowering that the other two basics i.e. success and spirituality take a back seat. Or they may be at the back of our mind but just in shades.

Some of us are workaholics: We get immersed in our work routines to such an extent that our married/sexual lives get overshadowed. It may also lead to straining of our relationships with our partners. In fact, basic spirituality can be considered as sharp edged multi dimensional weapon which is required to be adopted and administered with balance. Both scarcity as well as overdose can be counterproductive.

In this context, lets explore the relationship of sex with spirituality. In the present scenario, we are witness to sex crimes. A host of questions come to the fore regarding the mindset of a sexual offender.

Be it

Why we get distracted from the task at hand. Why we lose focus from the activity we are indulging in and neutralise the enjoyment.

Some of us are too spiritual: We invoke God every now and then. We get immersed in pleasing our respective divine powers that we don't care a bit if our work is suffering in any manner or the sex life of ours is getting ignored. The spirituality factor becomes so overwhelming that it may lead to irritating the god too, I suppose as all actions get driven by it. But before we come to our senses, superstition replaces spirituality. Every action of ours has its threshold. As it is said, excess of everything is bad.

Basic Spirituality is a mode which we are carrying within ourselves since our existence and will never be apart from us. Perhaps we have never recognised it or explored it yet. No specific efforts are required but it is essential to acknowledge the depth at which we are moving ahead in the life's journey.