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Please be a Failure

The novelty of this short book lies in analyzing the unique relationship between our failures and our subsequent confabulations with the ALMIGHTY.


You may be asking yourself that what is there in the bedroom which is unknown or you are not aware of . You are right. A bedroom is primarily meant to sleep, to take rest and get rejuvenated for the next battles of life. It is also an arena of procreation which is the command of the nature. What else ?

If it is said that bedroom is one of the bases of BASIC SPIRITUALITY, would you like to believe it ? Lets comprehend. When one is immersed in one’s bed, the other two elements of BASIC SPIRITUALITY, i.e. success and spirituality are also at work. Bedroom encompasses a host of varied activities. It depends primarily upon the individual. A bedroom can become a source of procreation, it can be an arena of conflict with your life partner and it can also be bliss. It is the state of mind in the mould of basic spirituality which is at work. We all invoke divine intervention and or I should say often it becomes imperative for the successful completion of our activities which we indulge in.


Board room is an inherent part of every one of us. The name may indicate corporate sector but every office goer can relate to it. Our work place is the place where we apart from performing our duties, aspire for more. It is basic spirituality as it is bread and butter for us and our family members. The basic dilemma occurs when we are in an environment of prevalence of opposite sex and our mind responds to our basic urges. The married ones have to take care of their moral internal callings too. This results in the completion of the circle of basic spirituality. We have come to workplace to work, go astray amidst the stream of off and on ethics.

Is this a deliberate process in which we get involved in? Take this with a pinch of salt as most of us (exceptions exempted) get attracted to be a part of it. Devotion and fidelity do stand intact but we do not avoid any opportunity to allow our BASIC to come to the fore. It is a vicious circle, once we enter it, there is no looking back. Even if we invoke all the energies at our disposal, exit seems to be farfetched idea.


Birdroom signifies our exclusive domain of spiritual exercise where we fly. We are no lesser than the bird who acts without any constraints or worldly boundaries and just fly. Ordinarily, what happens to most of us is that during our devotion to spirituality too, we take it as just a ritual, a sort of job, a mere part of our daily routine, which one way or the other we have to do. Perhaps fear factor holds a dominant position. We are in a grip of fear that if we skip our prayers, God will retaliate. In order to keep ourselves in good books of God, we continue to offer prayers irrespective of the fulfilment of our wishes.

The birdroom i.e. the place of offering of prayers, though it should be a den of concentration, is a hub of distraction as well. Because we are not just practising spirituality, it is in fact Basic spirituality which also consists of sexual as well as success thoughts. Often we find ourselves in domestic arguments with our wife or other family members, while at the same time chanting mantras or hymns. It becomes a real ritual and perhaps God is bamboozled. Sometimes, the happenings of the previous day or the concerns of the next day of our work place overshadow the focus on the religious book or the holy beads. A fruitful day at the office within the comfort zone of our own making is the ultimate desire which gets intermingled as the wish before the Almighty. Sex may be another element which gives an adrenalin rush to our hormones if we are thinking of getting involved immediately after acquiring liberty from the birdroom.

If the significance of birdroom is considered seriously, we can give our thoughts the wings, the freedom to connect with God for which you entered the birdroom. Concentration is an art. It is required to be mastered. Spirituality is connection. It is not just connection with the God but it is to link with yourself. The individual cannot get involved in Basic spirituality without involving his existence, his soul and his very essence.