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Please be a Failure

The novelty of this short book lies in analyzing the unique relationship between our failures and our subsequent confabulations with the ALMIGHTY.

BASIC SPIRITUALITY is repetitive in nature and application. Be it sex, success and spirituality itself, there is an urge among the human beings to go on repeating it throughout life. The process of trial and error goes on and on till one is extinguished from the earth.

Why this becomes the way of life for a person be it male or female. Is this the diktat of God or human being is religiously following the norm as the will of God and his duty to follow it ?

Why this sutra of repetition becomes the source of survival? It is not a mystery of any kind. We all know the answers. We just go on and on and at the end of the day feel the thirst of having more in the times to come.

Take our appetite for success. Any landmark achievement is not suffice to neutralise our quest for more success. We aspire for more, yearn for more and this “more” is unlimited. Does this demonstrate our greed or is this the only way we are tuned to live. We can say that it is the inherent trait of a human being which makes him or her human being.

Consider sex. Be it the actual experience or fantasising it. It assumes the form of repetition and every repetitive act often proves to be a sort of a better one than the previous one. With the happening of each act, the desire for more gets generated and process of generation gets more entrenched with every thought, every act and every vision. Sex is of varied forms. The moot point is that why it is a significant constituent of BASIC SPIRITUALITY. What it has to do with spirituality ?

Spirituality is belief of our inner self. It is the medium through which a human attempts to know the hitherto unknown. Spirituality aids in comprehending the creation. As such, procreation leads to the understanding of the process of creation ordained by the creator and adhered to by the mortals. BASIC SPIRITUALITY can be termed as the real spirituality as it is firmly rooted and not hanging in thin air which is beyond comprehension. Spirituality should not be the source of any ambiguity. Sex is an inherent part of spirituality. Before exploring the practical mode of life, the philosophical mode cannot be acquired knowledge of. That is what BASIC is all about. It implies that one that is related to the common being and consisting of those aspects of life of a human being which he/she is living to the fullest before getting overpowered by the urge to attain the pinnacles of spirituality.

Whether it is sex, success or spirituality, the element of repetition is very much prevalent. We tend to repeat it continuously, day in and day out, often religiously. Sex since time immemorial has been a vital part of our existence. Apart from being the creator of the beings, it is the source of immense bliss and happiness. It is a boon for one’s health and an effective remedy for many an ill. The same goes with element of spirituality. We pray and pray and pray and the process goes on and one. Often we intermingle all the three of them. We pray, yearn for success and have sex. We pray in the morning, yearn for success in throughout the day and have sex during the night. Alternatively, we again rub the bodies, go for the rituals of remembering the God and look forward to the stream of successes during the rest of the day. Sometimes, all the three elements go on simultaneously.