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Please be a Failure

The novelty of this short book lies in analyzing the unique relationship between our failures and our subsequent confabulations with the ALMIGHTY.

Be it the bedroom, boardroom or birdroom, we cannot perform our best unless and until, the concentration level is at the zenith. Any distraction from the process in hand is suffice to lead the whole task down the drain. So, we have to do the room tasks with the spirit of “samadhis”, i.e. the posture of immense focus and die hard concentration. It is equivalent to a breathing dead man.

Lets explore how?

Bedroom Samadhis

Whatever we do in the bedroom, be it the physical activity, emotion - bonding, constructive relation-building or mundane sleeping, it has to be commensurate with the passion and dedication of a Samadhi to attain the desired ultimate. The element of BASIC SPIRITUALITY has to be the cornerstone of every Samadhi we do. Bedroom Samadhi is more of mind game than the physical one. The endeavour has to be on the journey rather than the destination. Even the activity of slumber requires the inherent desire to do it and feeling the need of it. However, most of us end up with the ritualistic mode of beginning with the bang and ending with the whimper.

It is better to learn the technique of bedroom Samadhi. If our mind is stable, then the physical postures by default adopt generously.  We have to enjoy the process, assimilate every particle of it and then the results will ooze out in entirety. Do not make it a compulsive disorder or exercise in fatigue. Trust your efforts. They will bear fruit. A half-hearted exercise will lead you only towards more obfuscation. You will question your own efforts and the result is already a foregone conclusion.

You go to bed for a sleep of at least 6 hours after a hectic day. That's a bedroom Samadhi provided it is uninterrupted and sound. You go  for a round for physical intimacy with your partner. It is a bedroom Samadhi provided there is an urge and killer instinct in the act from both sides. Though these are worldly and earthly and commonplace, it is what BASIC SPIRITUALITY all about. BS is you and you are BS.

Boardroom Samadhis

Now have a look at the Boardroom Samadhis. It is nothing but the multifarious tasks you indulge at your workplace to earn a living, to yearn for a dignified place in the society and a continuous endeavour for fulfilment of your family’s needs and desires. Without Boardroom Samadhi you are incomplete. If you are a homemaker, even then, you are proving to be an asset to your earning member of the family including your partner, if any, by trying your level best as a constructive contributor.

It is an era of cut throat competition. Without the steadfast determination and sweat of the brow, it is well nigh impossible to achieve one’s goals. Samadhi is the only option i.e. to go for the kill devoid of any obliviousness. As long as you are satisfied with your Boardroom Samadhi, the other activities will take care of themselves. You will be able to concentrate and enjoy the life and assimilate comprehensive BASIC SPIRITUALITY.

Birdroom Samadhis

Birdroom Samadhis implies the time, effort and energy you devote in the service of God. Do you go for it just as a ritual or an iota of truth and sincerity is also at work. BASIC SPIRITUALITY is meaningless if the confabulation with God is not purposive, not in the sense of sheer give and take but presence of devotion. Without understanding the intent of the Almighty, it is futile to grasp the essence of BASIC SPIRITUALITYas such. We need not be thoroughly religiously educated in the literary sense of the term to feel spirituality and absorb it.

It is just common sense and basic intent to inculcate it into your materialistic structure. The moot point is that the real Birdroom Samadhis can be performed only when the mind is stable and not thinking about the other sundry things.