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Please be a Failure

The novelty of this short book lies in analyzing the unique relationship between our failures and our subsequent confabulations with the ALMIGHTY.

What you know about sexuality? Are you aware about its practical usage? I am not talking about the theoretical aspect.

Is it good or bad for us or amalgamation of both. Is it related to the age factor and the response factor is as per the age? Can we do without it or is it comprehensively immersed in our identity?

There are whole hog of questions which must be germinating in your mindset. And most importantly is it really a stress buster or stress creator.

Well, it all depends upon the quantum and direction of its employment.

The vibrations of the spring create numbness in the mind of the assaulter leading to neutralisation of boundaries between right and wrong.  The whole strata of body gets immersed in the heinous activity without caring for the aftermath.  The evaporation of energy in the form of bodily discharge becomes the goal.

It is the spring element which entices the individual to go for repetition. And the process goes on and on.  Often, pleasure takes the backseat.  It is the thrill of the adrenalin and libido which is at work. It is beyond imagination to attain pleasure by a human at the cost of demolition of  identity of body and soul of another human.

SEXUALITY is a spring. The more you suppress it, it comes back and charge at you with renewed vigor.  All your efforts to diminish it go down the drain as it proves to be an exercise in futility.

SPRING stands for


BASIC stands for


BASIC SPIRITUALITY is not just an innovative concept which is unprecedented in the history of mankind. It is a way of life which all of us are leading often unaware of the real essence of it. We all experience sex, success and spirituality in our lifetime at one time or the other, physically or mentally and absorb their repercussions, be it pleasant or sour.

Do you desire to adopt BASIC SPIRITUALITY as a way of life or just intend to experiment with it?

The choice is yours. You may at present just give it a try and if it is beneficial to you, you may like to carry on with it.

But lets get it straight. You are not apart from BASIC SPIRITUALITY.

It is all enshrined comprehensively in your essence which is the base of your existence.

When awareness is talked about, it doesn't only imply the real life experiences. You may have never experimented with sex.  But it is possible that you have a basic idea of it, its significance and its role.

You may not be deeply spiritual or may be an atheist. But knowledge/adoption  of atheism itself implies that your shunning of spirituality can not be without a basic understanding or negating the divine.

Your perpetual yearning of success demonstrates the constant vibrations of hitherto non- satisfaction of yours in respect of achievability ratio of the goals set by you.