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Please be a Failure

The novelty of this short book lies in analyzing the unique relationship between our failures and our subsequent confabulations with the ALMIGHTY.

What is Spring Kriya ?

Spring Kriya is a medium through which we can achieve our utmost. It is a device of attainment of maximum. One needs to consider oneself a  spring 24x7. You need to sit with your eyes closed or adopt any particular posture at any particular time of the day. Just imagine yourself a spring which is bound to bounce back even if trampled upon by the adversity in diabolic proportions.

Spring Kriya is the pillar of attaining BASIC SPIRITUALITY.  The noteworthy aspect of spring kriya is that  though it is an innovative and novel, most of us are already performing it for a considerable period of time. Spring Kriya is the mode of acquiring BASIC SPIRITUALITY which requires no particular postures, no particular time period, no guru or instructor, no motivator and no particular technique.

It is inherent in all of us. It is in our mindset. The requisite thing to do is to inculcate in our practical being and receive that spirituality which is feasible and not apart from us.

Are you ready for Spring Kriya ?

It is the call of mental realms. One has to be determined in the mindset to commence the journey of spring kriya. There is nothing physical about it. It is the game of the mind. Even if you are performing any sundry work and you are not sure of its successful completion or there is remote possibility of its reaching its logical conclusion, the spring kriya will come handy with you.  The moot point is that you have to believe in the essence of spring kriya. The only demand of spring kriya is that you have to tune your mind in accordance with the basic existence of a spring, a device which cannot be sent into oblivion by its sheer suppression.

Process of Spring Kriya

It is a perpetual process. The ante of BASIC SPIRITUALITY can be raised only when Spring Kriya is followed in letter and spirit. You can start it right now. There is no set time for it. Have you seen a spring, the mechanical device which is used in many instruments in our day to day lives. You just have to call yourself a spring. Just say - “I AM A SPRING”.

Now, you are a spring. You will be in the mode of erection all the time. The day to day sundry problems or any big misfortune will not make any difference to you. You will tackle them with peace, tranquillity and determination. Because you are a spring. Spread the message. Tell you family members, friends, your relatives, your near and dear ones that we are all springs. Just convey to your foe too that he/she is a spring.

Make the Spring Kriya as the motto of your life. It costs you nothing. It does not cost you even your time. It is just the transformation of mindset. Be a part of the mission and if possible, become a missionary of Spring Kriya.

Impact of Spring Kriya

You will be eager to know whether after its inculcation in your life, the Spring Kriya has made any difference to you or your attitude towards life.  To gauge the impact of Spring Kriya, just recall the related developments of your pre-Spring Kriya life with post-Spring  Kriya life. It is a possibility that if the time frame is too less or the developments occurring in the time period are of insignificant nature, the measurement of the impact of Spring Kriya may not be glaring. In that case, just continue the process of Spring Kriya for some more time with dedication and steadfastness.

You will get the desired results as there is nothing new and nothing unknown which you are following. The element of perseverance is always there in the human being.

What Spring Kriya does is that it:

Try it once. It is an innovative and unprecedented medium which will drag you to the nearest periphery of your goals and will afford you a life to the fullest and of utmost satisfaction.